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Updated readme for v0.2.3

parent 325b5e48
......@@ -69,7 +69,8 @@ function collapseWhitespace($str) {
function unicodeTrim($str) {
$str = str_replace(mb_convert_encoding(' ', 'UTF-8', 'HTML-ENTITIES'), '', $str);
// this is cheating. TODO: find a better way if this causes any problems
$str = str_replace(mb_convert_encoding(' ', 'UTF-8', 'HTML-ENTITIES'), ' ', $str);
$str = preg_replace('/^\s+/', '', $str);
return preg_replace('/\s+$/', '', $str);
......@@ -185,6 +185,17 @@ php-mf2 can also be hooked up to the official, cross-platform [microformats2 tes
### Changelog
#### v0.2.3
* Made p-* parsing consistent with implied name parsing
* Stopped collapsing whitespace in p-* properties
* Implemented unicodeTrim which removes   characters as well as regex \s
* Added support for implied name via abbr[title]
* Prevented excessively nested value-class elements from being parsed incorrectly, removed incorrect separator which was getting added in some cases
* Updated u-* parsing to be spec-compliant, matching [href] before value-class and only attempting URL resolution for URL attributes
* Added support for input[value] parsing
* Tests for all the above
#### v0.2.2
* Made resolveUrl method public, allowing advanced parsers and subclasses to make use of it
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