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Install php-mf2 with [Composer]( by adding `"mf2/mf2": "0.2.*"` to the `require` object in your `composer.json` and running <kbd>php composer.phar update</kbd>.
Then, verify the installed files using OpenGPG. The tags (from v0.2.9) are signed by — if you don’t have my key, get it like this:
gpg --recv-keys 7D49834B0416CFA3
Then verify the installed files like this:
# in your project root
cd vendor/mf2/mf2
git tag -v v0.2.9
If nothing went wrong, you should see the tag commit message, ending with this:
gpg: Signature made Wed 6 Aug 10:04:20 2014 GMT using RSA key ID 2B2BBB65
gpg: Good signature from "Barnaby Walters <>"
gpg: aka "[jpeg image of size 12805]"
You could install it by just downloading `/Mf2/Parser.php` and including that, but please use Composer. Seriously, it’s amazing.
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