Commit 03ec94af authored by Andrew Herrington's avatar Andrew Herrington Committed by Sijis Aviles

Update documentation and type hinting to avoid confusion

parent 840e828d
......@@ -6,12 +6,13 @@ import re
import sys
import pprint
from functools import lru_cache
from typing import BinaryIO
from markdown import Markdown
from markdown.extensions.extra import ExtraExtension
from markdown.preprocessors import Preprocessor
from errbot.backends.base import Message, Presence, ONLINE, AWAY, Room, RoomError, RoomDoesNotExistError, \
from errbot.backends.base import Identifier, Message, Presence, ONLINE, AWAY, Room, RoomError, RoomDoesNotExistError, \
UserDoesNotExistError, RoomOccupant, Person, Card, Stream
from errbot.core import ErrBot
from errbot.utils import split_string_after
......@@ -673,8 +674,12 @@ class SlackBackend(ErrBot):
log.exception(f'An exception occurred while trying to send the following message '
f'to {to_humanreadable}: {msg.body}.')
def _slack_upload(self, stream):
"""Perform upload defined in a stream."""
def _slack_upload(self, stream: Stream) -> None:
Performs an upload defined in a stream
:param stream: Stream object
:return: None
resp = self.api_call('files.upload', data={
......@@ -689,11 +694,26 @@ class SlackBackend(ErrBot):
except Exception:
log.exception(f'Upload of {} to {stream.identifier.channelname} failed.')
def send_stream_request(self, identifier, fsource, name='file', size=None, stream_type=None):
"""Starts a file transfer. For Slack, the size and stream_type are unsupported"""
stream = Stream(identifier, fsource, name, size, stream_type)
def send_stream_request(self,
user: Identifier,
fsource: BinaryIO,
name: str = None,
size: int = None,
stream_type: str = None) -> Stream:
Starts a file transfer. For Slack, the size and stream_type are unsupported
:param user: is the identifier of the person you want to send it to.
:param fsource: is a file object you want to send.
:param name: is an optional filename for it.
:param size: not supported in Slack backend
:param stream_type: not supported in Slack backend
:return Stream: object on which you can monitor the progress of it.
stream = Stream(user, fsource, name, size, stream_type)
log.debug('Requesting upload of %s to %s (size hint: %d, stream type: %s).',
name, identifier.channelname, size, stream_type)
name, user.channelname, size, stream_type)
self.thread_pool.apply_async(self._slack_upload, (stream,))
return stream
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