Commit 05e9e164 authored by Birger Schacht's avatar Birger Schacht

Remove most of the disabled tests

parent bb5ada0d
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......@@ -5,33 +5,10 @@ export PYBUILD_NAME=errbot
export PYBUILD_DESTDIR_python3=debian/python3-errbot/
export PYBUILD_DESTDIR_python3-dbg=debian/python3-errbot-dbg/
# most of the disabled tests are because we don't ship
# rocket-errbot and thus the webserver plugin wont work
# (everything starting from test_not_configured_url_returns_404)
export PYBUILD_TEST_ARGS=-k "not test_plugin_cycle and \
not test_logtail and \
export PYBUILD_TEST_ARGS=-k "not test_broken_plugin and \
not test_backup and \
not test_generate_certificate_creates_usable_cert and \
not test_check_dependencies_requirements_file_all_installed and \
not test_first and \
not test_broken_plugin and \
not test_not_configured_url_returns_404 and \
not test_webserver_plugin_ok and \
not test_trailing_no_slash_ok and \
not test_trailing_slash_also_ok and \
not test_json_is_automatically_decoded and \
not test_json_on_custom_url_is_automatically_decoded and \
not test_post_form_on_webhook_without_form_param_is_automatically_decoded and \
not test_post_form_on_webhook_with_custom_url_and_without_form_param_is_automatically_decoded and \
not test_webhooks_with_form_parameter_decode_json_automatically and \
not test_webhooks_with_form_parameter_on_custom_url_decode_json_automatically and \
not test_webhooks_with_raw_request and \
not test_webhooks_with_naked_decorator_raw_request and \
not test_generate_certificate_creates_usable_cert and \
not test_custom_headers_and_status_codes and \
not test_lambda_webhook and \
not test_config_cycle and \
not test_webserver_webhook_test"
not test_plugin_cycle and \
not test_check_dependencies_requirements_file_all_installed"
dh $@ --with python3 --buildsystem=pybuild
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