Commit 1534aa2e authored by Guillaume Binet's avatar Guillaume Binet

moved message logic from Backend to ErrBot.

parent b937c258
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -5,21 +5,13 @@ from tempfile import mkdtemp
from os.path import sep
from errbot.errBot import bot_config_defaults
config_module = sys.modules['errbot.config-template']
sys.modules['config'] = config_module
tempdir = mkdtemp()
config_module.BOT_DATA_DIR = tempdir
config_module.BOT_LOG_FILE = tempdir + sep + 'log.txt'
config_module.BOT_EXTRA_PLUGIN_DIR = []
config_module.BOT_LOG_LEVEL = logging.DEBUG
import unittest # noqa
import os # noqa
import re # noqa
from queue import Queue, Empty # noqa
from mock import patch # noqa
from errbot.errBot import ErrBot
from errbot.backends import SimpleIdentifier, SimpleMUCOccupant # noqa
from errbot.backends.base import Backend, Message # noqa
from errbot.backends.base import build_message, build_text_html_message_pair # noqa
......@@ -38,16 +30,26 @@ class Config:
CHATROOM_FN = 'blah'
class DummyBackend(Backend):
class DummyBackend(ErrBot):
outgoing_message_queue = Queue()
def __init__(self, extra_config={}):
# make up a config.
tempdir = mkdtemp()
# reset the config every time
sys.modules.pop('errbot.config-template', None)
config = sys.modules['errbot.config-template']
config.BOT_DATA_DIR = tempdir
config.BOT_LOG_FILE = tempdir + sep + 'log.txt'
config.BOT_LOG_LEVEL = logging.DEBUG
self.bot_identifier = self.build_identifier('err')
self.bot_config = Config()
for key in extra_config:
setattr(self.bot_config, key, extra_config[key])
super(DummyBackend, self).__init__(self.bot_config)
setattr(config, key, extra_config[key])
super(DummyBackend, self).__init__(config)
def build_message(self, text):
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