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Sync doc with readme on install

It is simpler for the user like that.
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......@@ -130,11 +130,13 @@ Depending on the backend you choose, additional requirements need to be installe
After installing Errbot, you must create a data directory somewhere on your system where
config and data may be stored. Find the installation directory of Errbot, then copy the
file <install_directory>/errbot/ to your data directory as
config and data may be stored. Then you'll need a `` file.
(If you installed Errbot via pip, the installation directory will most likely be
You create a template of the file with::
python -c "import errbot;import os;import shutil;shutil.copyfile(os.path.dirname(errbot.__file__) + os.path.sep + '', '')"
Or you can download it directly from github from ` <>`_.
Read the documentation within this file and edit the values as needed so the bot can
connect to your chosen backend (XMPP, Hipchat, Slack ...) server.
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