Commit b89a99e7 authored by Guillaume Binet's avatar Guillaume Binet

plugin manager: more types, more private API

parent bbaa4561
......@@ -267,15 +267,16 @@ class BotPluginManager(StoreMixin):
except Exception:
feedback[path] = traceback.format_exc()
def load_plugins(self, feedback: Dict[Path, str]):
def _load_plugins(self) -> Dict[Path, str]:
feedback = {}
for path in self.plugin_places:
self._load_plugins_generic(path, 'plug', 'errbot.plugins', BotPlugin,
self.plugins, self.plugin_infos, feedback)
self._load_plugins_generic(path, 'flow', 'errbot.flows', BotFlow,
self.flows, self.flow_infos, feedback)
return feedback
def update_plugin_places(self, path_list, extra_plugin_dir):
""" It returns a dictionary of path -> error strings."""
def _update_plugin_places(self, path_list, extra_plugin_dir) -> Dict[Path, str]:
repo_roots = (CORE_PLUGINS, extra_plugin_dir, path_list)
all_roots = collect_roots(repo_roots)
......@@ -288,12 +289,9 @@ class BotPluginManager(StoreMixin):
# so plugins can relatively import their repos
self.plugin_places = [Path(root) for root in all_roots]
errors = {}
return errors
return self._load_plugins()
def get_all_active_plugin_objects_ordered(self):
def get_all_active_plugin_objects_ordered(self) -> List[BotPlugin]:
# Make sure there is a 'None' entry in the callback order, to include
# any plugin not explicitly ordered.
if None not in self.plugins_callback_order:
......@@ -367,7 +365,7 @@ class BotPluginManager(StoreMixin):
# this will load the plugins the admin has setup at runtime
def update_dynamic_plugins(self):
""" It returns a dictionary of path -> error strings."""
return self.update_plugin_places(self.repo_manager.get_all_repos_paths(), self.extra)
return self._update_plugin_places(self.repo_manager.get_all_repos_paths(), self.extra)
def activate_non_started_plugins(self):
......@@ -330,7 +330,7 @@ def test_callback_no_command(testbot):
expected_str = "Command fell through: {}".format(cmd)
testbot.exec_command('!plugin deactivate CommandNotFoundFilter')[], extra_plugin_dir)[], extra_plugin_dir)
testbot.exec_command('!plugin activate TestCommandNotFoundFilter')
assert expected_str == testbot.exec_command(cmd)
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