Commit cd17baa1 authored by Guillaume Binet's avatar Guillaume Binet

Better logging to debug mentions.

parent 7e39b737
...@@ -519,6 +519,7 @@ class ErrBot(Backend, BotPluginManager): ...@@ -519,6 +519,7 @@ class ErrBot(Backend, BotPluginManager):
self._dispatch_to_plugins('callback_message', mess) self._dispatch_to_plugins('callback_message', mess)
def callback_mention(self, mess, people): def callback_mention(self, mess, people):
log.debug("%s has/have been mentioned", ', '.join(str(p) for p in people))
self._dispatch_to_plugins('callback_mention', mess, people) self._dispatch_to_plugins('callback_mention', mess, people)
def callback_presence(self, pres): def callback_presence(self, pres):
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