Commit d6da67bc authored by Guillaume Binet's avatar Guillaume Binet

Added 6.0.0-alpha changelist

parent 7eefb956
v6.0.0-alpha (2018-06-10)
major refactoring:
- Removed Yapsy dependency
- Replaced back Bottle and Rocket by Flask
- new Pep8 compliance
- added Python 3.7 support
- removed Python 3.5 support
- removed old compatibility cruft
- ported formats and % str ops to f-strings
- Started to add field types to improve type visibility across the codebase
- removed cross dependencies between PluginManager & RepoManager
- Use sys.executable explicitly instead of just 'pip' (thx Bruno Oliveira)
- Pycodestyle fixes (thx Nitanshu)
- Help: don't add bot prefix to non-prefixed re cmds (#1199) (thx Robin Gloster)
- split_string_after: fix empty string handling (thx Robin Gloster)
- Escaping bug in dynamic plugins
- botmatch is now visible from the errbot module (fp to Guillaume Binet)
- flows: hint boolean was not forwarded
- Fix possible event without bot_id (#1073) (thx Roi Dayan)
- decorators were working only if kwargs were empty
- Message.clone was ignoring partial and flows
- partial boolean to flag partial mesages (thx Meet Mangukiya)
- Slack: room joined callback (thx Jeremy Kenyon)
- XMPP: real_jid to get the jid the users logged in (thx Robin Gloster)
- The callback order set in the config is not globally respected
- Added a default parameter to the storage context manager
v5.2.0 (2018-04-04)
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