Commit e8e1660f authored by Guillaume Binet's avatar Guillaume Binet

Don't remove original commands remove_commands_from

Track the real name of the command by changing _err_command_name.

fixes #724
parent fc411ca1
......@@ -525,6 +525,7 @@ class ErrBot(Backend, StoreMixin):
self.warn_admins('%s.%s clashes with %s.%s so it has been renamed %s' % (
classname, name, type(f.__self__).__name__, f.__name__, new_name))
name = new_name
value.__func__._err_command_name = new_name # To keep track of the renaming.
commands[name] = value
if getattr(value, '_err_re_command'):
......@@ -566,9 +567,9 @@ class ErrBot(Backend, StoreMixin):
if getattr(value, '_err_command', False):
name = getattr(value, '_err_command_name')
if getattr(value, '_err_re_command') and name in self.re_commands:
del (self.re_commands[name])
del self.re_commands[name]
elif not getattr(value, '_err_re_command') and name in self.commands:
del (self.commands[name])
del self.commands[name]
def remove_command_filters_from(self, instance_to_inject):
with self._gbl:
......@@ -50,3 +50,18 @@ class Dyna(BotPlugin):
def remove_saw(self, msg, args):
return 'removed'
def clash(self, msg, args):
return 'original'
def add_clashing(self, _, _1):
simple1 = Command(lambda plugin, msg, args: 'dynamic', name='clash')
self.create_dynamic_plugin('clashing', (simple1, ))
return 'added'
def remove_clashing(self, _, _1):
return 'removed'
......@@ -30,3 +30,14 @@ class TestDynaPlugins(FullStackTest):
self.assertCommand('!add_saw', 'added')
self.assertCommand('!splitme foo,bar,baz', 'foo+bar+baz')
self.assertCommand('!remove_saw', 'removed')
def test_clashing(self):
self.assertCommand('!clash', 'original')
'clashing.clash clashes with Dyna.clash so it has been renamed clashing-clash')
self.assertCommand('!clash', 'original')
self.assertCommand('!clashing-clash', 'dynamic')
self.assertCommand('!remove_clashing', 'removed')
self.assertCommand('!clash', 'original')
self.assertCommand('!clashing-clash', 'not found')
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