Commit fcc606a8 authored by Guillaume Binet's avatar Guillaume Binet

Updated CHANGES for v6.0.0

parent adc13ef1
v6.0.0 (2019-03-23)
- TestBot: Implement inject_mocks method (#1235)
- TestBot: Add multi-line command test support (#1238)
- Added optional room arg to inroom
- Adds ability to go back to a previous room
- Pass telegram message id to the callback
- Remove extra spaces in uptime output
- Fix/backend import error messages (#1248)
- Add docker support for installing package dependencies (#1245)
- variable name typo (#1244)
- Fix invalid variable name (#1241)
- sanitize comma quotation marks too (#1236)
- Fix missing string formatting in "Command not found" output (#1259)
- Fix webhook test to not call fixture directly
- fix: arg_botcmd decorator now can be used as plain method
- setup: removing dnspython
- pin markdown <3.0 because safe is deprecated
v6.0.0-alpha (2018-06-10)
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