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    Adding a callback allow plugins to catch unhandled messages (#931) · 4e9c689f
    tamarin authored
    * Adding a callback_command_not_found to allow plugins to "catch" any commands that were not processed.  The goal is to allow a plugin to receive any message not already processed so that it may implement additional pattern matching or other functionality to process the message.
    * Adding tests for command_not_found callback
    * Rough draft for command_not_found core plugin
    * Moving command-not-found functionality to core plugin
    * Code style fixup
    * Removing old rough draft using command_not_found callback
    * Removing duplicate .replace for prefix test in cnf_plugin
    * Updating plugin interface to use self.bot_config instead of _bot.
    Updating command prefix check to use string instead of only character.
    * Updating to use decorator parameter
    * Refactoring catch_unprocessed flag set to more graceful .get
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