Commit 16320c6b authored by Andreas Tille's avatar Andreas Tille

Sync description between update-all-tasks and update-all-tasks_udd

parent c05bafdb
......@@ -15,18 +15,18 @@ update-all-tasks
This script prepares all task pages. It invokes the script,
which will store the final HTML at the location specified in the
according config file in `pwd`/webconf. You'll need access to the
Ultimate Debian Database accessible from the machine where you execute
this script. This is the case on This script is
installed there in the directory
Ultimate Debian Database. There is some publicly accessible UDD
mirror, see
and runs as a cron job. If you want to test it there is a second
If you want to test the scripts there is a second
installation at where it is installed at
The script can be kept up to date using svn-deploy.
The script is usually auto-updated to the latest state of the Git
=over 4
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