Commit 2f23445d authored by Andreas Tille's avatar Andreas Tille

Propagate edam_topics in properties and fix template to really print it.

parent 8150fd07
......@@ -1485,13 +1485,14 @@ class TaskDependencies:
(_name, _url) = email.utils.parseaddr(row['maintainer'])['maintainer'] = {'name': _name, 'email': _url}
if row.get('edam_topics'):"Edam topics found for package %s: %s" % (['name'], str(row['edam_topics'])))
for prop in ('biotools', 'omictools', 'seqwiki', 'scicrunch', 'rrid', 'bugs'):
for prop in ('biotools', 'omictools', 'seqwiki', 'scicrunch', 'rrid', 'bugs', 'edam_topics'):
if prop in row:
if row[prop] != None and row[prop] != 'NA':[prop] = row[prop]
if prop == 'edam_topics':[prop] = "; ".join(row[prop])"Property edam_topics for package %s is set to %s" % (['name'],[prop]))
else:[prop] = row[prop]
# Publications
setPublications(dep, self.task, row)
......@@ -196,7 +196,7 @@
<span class="journal" py:if="'volume' in['published']">${['published']['volume']}</span><span class="journal" py:if="'number' in['published']">(${['published']['number']})</span><span class="journal" py:if="'pages' in['published']">:${['published']['pages']}</span>
<span class="year" py:if="'year' in['published']">(${['published']['year']})</span>
<div py:choose="">
<div py:choose="">
<div class="registry" py:when="'biotools' in or 'scicrunch' in or 'rrid' in or 'omictools' in">
Registry entries:
<span py:choose="">
......@@ -212,8 +212,9 @@
<span class="registry_omictools"
py:when="'omictools' in"><a href="\${['omictools']}">OMICtools</a><span class="registry">&nbsp;
<div class="topics" py:if="'edam_topics' in">Topics: ${['edam_topics']}</div>
<td py:if="['component'] == 'main'
and['pkgstatus'] in ('official_high', 'official_low', 'experimental')" class="project-icon">
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