Commit c9e76fb4 authored by WolfgangSchweer's avatar WolfgangSchweer

www/edu: Add addendum framework.

 Adjust po4a.cfg to allow integration of $lang.add for a more flexible content.
 Add de.add (to provide a link to
 Adjust the README.translations file accordingly.
parent bcb7f14a
As translator:
- Copy index.pot to your language (eg. 'cp index.pot da.po' for Danish).
- For language specific content an addendum file can be provided; see de.add
as an example.
- Translate like usual and send the PO file to the Debian Edu mailing list
As blends-team member:
- Copy $lang.po to the www/edu/ folder.
- Copy $lang.po to the www/edu/ folder; same applies if $lang.add is available.
- Adjust the language choice (located in the footer div of 'index.html'); the
needed stanza can be copied from the language_links file.
- Run 'po4a po4a.cfg' to (re)build the POT file as well as all PO and
PO4A-HEADER: mode=after; position=<div id="eduinfo">; beginboundary=<table>
Siehe auch: <a href=""></a>.
[po_directory] .
[type: xhtml] index.html $lang:index.$lang.html
[type: xhtml] index.html $lang:index.$lang.html \
add_$lang:?./$lang.add opt:"-M utf8"
[options] opt:"-v --package-name edu-website --package-version 0.1.0 \
--msgid-bugs-address \
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