Commit 39f95b01 authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha

NEWS update for 3.23.1

parent 8030ffb0
Evolution-EWS 3.23.1 2016-10-24
* Evolution-EWS uses CMake instead of autotools now. At the end of
the configure phase are printed all the available options and their
values. These can be used for the cmake command to tweak the build.
Bug Fixes:
Bug 771370 - Exchange 2016 returns broken MIME content for events with detached instances (Milan Crha)
Bug 771931 - Add missing Camel cflags/libs to src/server/ (Milan Crha)
Bug 770936 - BAD REQUEST due to empty Categories element (Milan Crha)
Bug 738093 - Show folder names with slash properly ][ (Milan Crha)
Convert from autotools to CMake (Milan Crha)
Require as hard dependency some dependencies (Milan Crha)
Add a helper script for a 'dist' target (Milan Crha)
Use tests/ as `make check` tests, if enabled with ENABLE_TESTS (Milan Crha)
Hard-break `make dist` when there are uncommitted changes (Milan Crha)
Evolution-EWS 3.22.0 2016-09-19
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