Commit 4e554145 authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha

NEWS update for 3.13.4

parent fe826a42
Evolution-EWS 3.13.4 2014-07-28
Bug Fixes:
Bug 728942 - Fails to pair user with attendee in invitation response (Milan Crha)
Bug 730878 - Split libcamelews into a static and a dynamic library (Milan Crha)
Bug 733274 - EWS is very slow to download large messages (Milan Crha)
Bug 703181 - Work around libsoup's failure to recover from NTLM auth failure (David Woodhouse)
Bug 732850 - GSSAPI authentication doesn't need a password (Daniel Sands)
Bug 703181 - NTLM authentication doesn't (always) need a password (David Woodhouse)
Bug 732850 - Remove reachability check from ews_store_query_auth_types_sync() (Daniel Sands)
Bug 732850 - Not all message restarts are due to a redirect (Daniel Sands)
Bug 733663 - Do not attempt to subscribe to GAL changes (David Woodhouse)
Replace GtkSpinner with Evolution's ESpinner (Milan Crha)
Make Evolution-EWS build under Win32 (Milan Crha)
Adapt evolution-ews to support backend-per-process (Fabiano Fidêncio)
Add missing chain-up to parent's constructed() method (Milan Crha)
Clean up enabling/disabling NTLM and Basic auth types (David Woodhouse)
Handle cookies (non-persistently) (Daniel Sands)
Fix string comparison for Basic auth (David Woodhouse)
Leave Basic auth enabled when NTLM is configured (David Woodhouse)
Add camel_ews_settings_get_auth_mechanism() helper function (David Woodhouse)
Clean up logging slightly and make it more consistent (Daniel Sands)
SOUP_STATUS_IS_SUCCESSFUL(soup_session_send_message()) sends message twice (David Woodhouse)
Clean up Negotiate auth implementation to be a SoupAuth subclass (Daniel Sands)
Daniel Mustieles (es)
Marek Černocký (cs)
Piotr Drąg (pl)
Rafael Ferreira (pt_BR)
Evolution-EWS 3.13.3 2014-06-23
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