Commit 5557b4d5 authored by Matthew Barnes's avatar Matthew Barnes

NEWS update for 3.11.1 release.

parent 13bb75af
Evolution-EWS 3.10.9 2013-09-23
Evolution-EWS 3.11.1 2013-10-21
Bug Fixes:
Bug 704869 - Support Kerberos authentication (Milan Crha)
Bug 706151 - Crash under mail_config_ews_ooo_page_display_settings()
(Milan Crha)
Bug 708121 - Add low level tests in EWS (for EwsConnection)
(Fabiano Fidêncio)
Bug 708309 - Crash accessing GAL not marked for offline (Milan Crha)
Bug 708348 - Memory leaks from account preferences (Milan Crha)
Bug 708628 - Add support for EmptyFolder operation (Fabiano Fidêncio)
Other Changes:
* Check for supported authentication methods by the server (Milan Crha)
* Fetch Free/Busy fails due to incorrect value of DayOrder element
(Milan Crha)
* Make offline GAL browsable (Milan Crha)
Marek Černocký (cs)
Daniel Mustieles (es)
Gabor Kelemen (hu)
Andika Triwidada (id)
Noriko Mizumoto (ja)
Aurimas Černius (lt)
Rūdolfs Mazurs (lv)
Rafael Ferreira (pt_BR)
Matej Urbančič (sl)
Мирослав Николић (sr)
Evolution-EWS 3.10.0 2013-09-23
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