Commit a86e06bd authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha

NEWS update for 3.17.4

parent 55655164
Evolution-EWS 3.17.4 2015-07-20
Bug Fixes:
Bug 751547 - Foreign calendars hidden after account enable (Milan Crha)
Bug 751725 - Enhance thread safety around CamelEwsStore::connection (Milan Crha)
Bug 692361 - e_cal_client_get_free_busy() broken (Milan Crha)
Differentiate between Unavailable and No response errors (Milan Crha)
e_ews_debug_dump_raw_soup_message: Check for non-NULL hdrs and body arguments (Milan Crha)
Evolution-EWS 3.17.3 2015-06-22
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