Commit f3fba7c1 authored by Matthew Barnes's avatar Matthew Barnes

NEWS update for 3.11.5 release.

parent 04db549b
Evolution-EWS 3.11.5 2014-02-03
Bug Fixes:
Bug 712179 - Cannot create calendar object: The property is
deprecated for this version of Exchange (Fabiano Fidêncio)
Bug 721381 - Doesn't keep flags when moving messages (Fabiano Fidêncio)
Bug 722415 - Memo does not support Start Date property
(Fabiano Fidêncio)
Other Changes:
* Drop KRB5 dependency (Milan Crha)
* Bump minimum libsoup requirement to 2.42 (Fabiano Fidêncio)
* Unit test improvements. (Fabiano Fidêncio)
* Add e_ews_debug_get_server_version_from_string() (Fabiano Fidêncio)
* Abort any pending operations in case notification was cancelled
(Fabiano Fidêncio)
Nilamdyuti Goswami (as)
Мирослав Николић (sr)
Evolution-EWS 3.11.4 2014-01-13
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