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......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ It you want to use this tools to build and test your project, adding the followi
extends: .build-unstable
extends: .build-package
extends: .test-reprotest
......@@ -52,14 +52,22 @@ You can choose to run only some of the jobs.
Anyway, we **firmly recommend NOT to do it**.
### Building
3 different build jobs are provided:
- build-unstable
- build-stretch
- build-stretch-bpo
- build-jessie
Any of this 3 builds can be chosen.
The stretch\* jobs are intended to be used on the corresponding Debian branches.
The Debian release can be specified declaring the variable `RELEASE` on any of the images availables.
- unstable
- stretch-backports
- stretch
- jessie
This release is also gonna be used for some stages like lintian.
By default, `unstable` is used.
To change the `RELEASE`, define this after including the yaml:
RELEASE: 'stretch'
Replace `stretch` with any of the releases listed previously.
### Testing
5 different tests are available to be used:
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