Commit 40375a8b authored by Peter Jones's avatar Peter Jones

Merge two PeImage.h into one

parent ca2e00d0
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ SUBDIRS = Cryptlib lib
LIB_PATH = /usr/lib64
EFI_INCLUDE = /usr/include/efi
EFI_INCLUDES = -nostdinc -ICryptlib -ICryptlib/Include -I$(EFI_INCLUDE) -I$(EFI_INCLUDE)/$(ARCH) -I$(EFI_INCLUDE)/protocol
EFI_INCLUDES = -nostdinc -ICryptlib -ICryptlib/Include -I$(EFI_INCLUDE) -I$(EFI_INCLUDE)/$(ARCH) -I$(EFI_INCLUDE)/protocol -Iinclude
EFI_PATH := /usr/lib64/gnuefi
LIB_GCC = $(shell $(CC) -print-libgcc-file-name)
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ VERSION = 0.4
TARGET = shim.efi MokManager.efi.signed fallback.efi.signed
OBJS = shim.o netboot.o cert.o dbx.o
KEYS = shim_cert.h ocsp.* ca.* shim.crt shim.csr shim.p12 shim.pem shim.key
SOURCES = shim.c shim.h netboot.c signature.h PeImage.h
SOURCES = shim.c shim.h netboot.c signature.h include/PeImage.h include/wincert.h
MOK_OBJS = MokManager.o PasswordCrypt.o crypt_blowfish.o
MOK_SOURCES = MokManager.c shim.h console_control.h PasswordCrypt.c PasswordCrypt.h crypt_blowfish.c crypt_blowfish.h
FALLBACK_OBJS = fallback.o
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