Commit 3b414422 authored by Peter Jones's avatar Peter Jones

Explain the logic in secure_mode() better.

I was getting confused reading it, and I wrote it, so clearly it needs
more commentry.
Signed-off-by: default avatarPeter Jones <>
parent fe8527aa
......@@ -499,6 +499,12 @@ static BOOLEAN secure_mode (void)
return FALSE;
/* If we /do/ have "SecureBoot", but /don't/ have "SetupMode",
* then the implementation is bad, but we assume that secure boot is
* enabled according to the status of "SecureBoot". If we have both
* of them, then "SetupMode" may tell us additional data, and we need
* to consider it.
status = get_variable(L"SetupMode", &Data, &len, global_var);
if (status != EFI_SUCCESS)
return TRUE;
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