Commit 750584c2 authored by Peter Jones's avatar Peter Jones

Make 64-on-32 maybe work on x86_64.

This is mostly based on a patch (
from , which refactors our __LP64__
tests to be tests of the header magic instead.  I've simplified things
by using what we've pre-loaded into "context" and making some helper
functions so the conditionals in most of the code say what they do,
instead of how they work.

Note that we're only allowing that from in_protocol's loader - that is,
we'll let 64-bit grub load a 32-bit kernel or 32-bit grub load a 64-bit
kernel, but 32-bit shim isn't loading a 64-bit grub.
Signed-off-by: default avatarPeter Jones <>
parent a7249a65
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