Commit 9ac3f695 authored by Peter Jones's avatar Peter Jones

Make list_keys() index variables all be signed.

We build with -Werror=signed-compare in fedora/rhel rpms, and this
showed up.
Signed-off-by: default avatarPeter Jones <>
parent f9d825b2
......@@ -436,11 +436,11 @@ static void show_mok_info (void *Mok, UINTN MokSize)
static EFI_STATUS list_keys (void *KeyList, UINTN KeyListSize, CHAR16 *title)
UINT32 MokNum = 0;
INTN MokNum = 0;
MokListNode *keys = NULL;
INTN key_num = 0;
CHAR16 **menu_strings;
unsigned int i;
int i;
if (KeyListSize < (sizeof(EFI_SIGNATURE_LIST) +
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