Commit 0671ea39 authored by Michael Biebl's avatar Michael Biebl

Release version 240-2 to unstable

parent 084e84e3
systemd (240-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* Pass seperate dev_t var to device_path_parse_major_minor.
Fixes FTBFS on mips/mipsel (MIPS/O32). (Closes: #917195)
* test-json: Check absolute and relative difference in floating point test.
Fixes FTBFS due to test-suite failures on armel, armhf and hppa.
(Closes: #917215)
* sd-device: Fix segfault when error occurs in device_new_from_{nulstr,strv}()
Fixes a segfault in systemd-udevd when debug logging is enabled.
* udev-event: Do not read stdout or stderr if the pipefd is not created.
This fixes problems with device-mapper symlinks no longer being created
or certain devices not being marked as ready. (Closes: #917124)
* Don't bump fs.nr_open in PID 1.
In v240, systemd bumped fs.nr_open in PID 1 to the highest possible
value. Processes that are spawned directly by systemd, will have
RLIMIT_NOFILE be set to 512K (hard).
pam_limits in Debian defaults to "set_all", i.e. for limits which are
not explicitly configured in /etc/security/limits.conf, the value from
PID 1 is taken, which means for login sessions, RLIMIT_NOFILE is set to
the highest possible value instead of 512K. Not every software is able
to deal with such an RLIMIT_NOFILE properly.
While this is arguably a questionable default in Debian's pam_limit,
work around this problem by not bumping fs.nr_open in PID 1.
(Closes: #917167)
-- Michael Biebl <> Thu, 27 Dec 2018 14:03:57 +0100
systemd (240-1) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Michael Biebl ]
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