Commit 27754fd9 authored by A. Costa's avatar A. Costa Committed by Bernhard Link

improve wording of gv-update-userconfig manual

parent 023c643a
2011-04-01 A. Costa <>
* doc/gv-update-userconfig: improve wording of gv-update-userconfig manual.
2011-04-01 William Bader <>
* src/FileSel.c: Fix use of IIMESSAGE with a real argument. Initialize dirp.
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ resource value (loaded from \fI$(HOME)\fP\fB/.Xresources\fP at login time
or manually \fBxrdb\fP(1)).
Sometimes older values miss things needed by the new GNU gv to work properly.
This GNU gv will noticy by an old (or missing) version information in this
This GNU gv will notice old (or missing) version information in this
file and refuse to start until fixed.
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