Commit 6568096a authored by Christoph Nodes's avatar Christoph Nodes Committed by Markus Steinborn

Fix Debian bug #594991: unexpected scrolling of the TOC widget

The attached patch fixes this behavior by preventing the widget to scroll
downwards if it is the very last entry that gets selected. As a result, the
downward and upward scrolling behavior gets consistent when reaching the very
last or first entry.
parent 53d90f7e
......@@ -323,7 +323,7 @@ misc_setPageMarker(entry,kind,event,check_toc)
VlistSetFirstVisible(newtoc, entry);
b = True;
} else {
} else if (entry < VlistEntries(newtoc) - 1) {
/* sadly newtoc does not know it's height, so it cannot be told
* to made an item visible and we need to trick: */
lastvisible = VlistEntryOfPosition(newtoc, newtocClip->core.height);
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