Commit 819601e0 authored by Markus Steinborn's avatar Markus Steinborn Committed by Bernhard Link

Updated changelog

parent a5405341
2011-08-03 Markus Steinborn <>
* src/ps.c (whole file): Fix calls of sec_sscanf having %s in format.
2011-08-01 Bernhard R. Link <>
* src/Ghostview.c, src/error.h: do not define errno, as it might be a macro already.
* src/doc_misc.c, src/misc.c, src/ps.c, src/ps.h: make numpages and nummedia signed to avoid warnings
* src/*: get rid of core K&R, use gnulib's _GL_UNUSED and avoid some signed/unsigned
2011-07-12 Bernhard R. Link <>
* src/ps.c: handling dsc parse errors: fix FILE given to unlink, check for file open error
2011-05-06 Bernhard R. Link <>
*, src/ Only install files gv actually reads.
2011-05-05 Markus Steinborn <>
* m4/* lib/* imported signal from gnulib.
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