1. 01 Aug, 2011 3 commits
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      do not replace ~ a shell would not · 6860bdce
      Bernhard Link authored
      file_translateTildeInPath currently translates the first ~ it finds.
      This is different from shell which only translates it if it is the
      first character of a word and not if other letters follow.
      As file_translateTildeInPath is always called with a single filename,
      only replace it if this string is "~" or starts with "~/".
      Additionally add an size argument to the function, so that no string
      buffers can overrun and do not access a NULL pointer if HOME is not set.
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      ignore resource and style files without absolute paths · 4eeca7eb
      Bernhard Link authored
      The current search path is current directory, home directory,
      and then GV_LIBDIR (but no /) prepended.
      As GV_LIBDIR without the slash cannot have worked for anyone
      yet and looking into the current directory is quite some security
      risk (in case anyone actually used that option), reject filenames
      not being absolute.
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      Update gnulib, import signal · 0a1be09f
      Markus Steinborn authored
  2. 04 May, 2011 6 commits
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  6. 21 Feb, 2011 8 commits
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      unconditionally use prototypes · 6f064e91
      Bernhard Link authored
      K&R style is obsolete since 1989, so improve code readability
      by always using prototypes.
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      show beginning of last error message instead if the end · 4b2f00fd
      Bernhard Link authored
      cb_appendInfoPopup sets the Text fields focus to the
      end of the newly added message which together with the
      Scroll code changing the start of a visible area to
      the focused point even if there is nothing afterwards
      causes sometimes no message being visible at all (as
      reported in http://bugs.debian.org/597080).
      Even disregarding the suboptimal behaviour of the Scroll
      code, the end of a message is usually less interesting
      than the beginning, so focus on the beginning of the last
      written message instead.
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      remove unused files · 4c654d1d
      Bernhard Link authored
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      fix typo · df4c8add
      Bernhard Link authored
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      remove ancient memory debugging stuff · d35c728b
      Bernhard Link authored
      Thanks to valgrind in-process memory debugging is no longer needed.
      Thus remove the memory debugging macros, making the code more readable.
      Additionally if (p) GV_XtFree(p) is replaced with XtFree(p) as XtFree
      is garanteed to ignore NULL pointers. (so it free, but only on 'modern'
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      avoid shadowing identifiers · f7f1dda3
      Bernhard Link authored
      Shadowing standard library functions is dangerous, as
      they might be implemented as macros in some implementation.
      Shadowing global variables can show the global variables
      have too generic names or are not necessary at all or
      hide other problems -Wshadow can hint at, so rename remove
      the global, rename the global or rename the local.
      Shadowing local variables can lead to suprising results
      and hide the other problems -Wshadow can hint at, so rename
  7. 07 Dec, 2010 3 commits