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......@@ -1790,51 +1790,83 @@ See the description of the listfilter command for the semantics
of formulas.
.B FilterList\fR, \fPFilterSrcList
These take at least two arguments:
The first one is the default action when something is not found in the list,
then a list of filenames (relative to
These two options each take at least two arguments:
The first argument is the fallback (default) action.
All following arguments are treated as file names of lists.
The filenames are considered to be relative to
.B \-\-confdir\fR,
if not starting with
.BR ~/ ", " +b/ ", " +c/ " or " / " )"
in the format of dpkg \-\-get\-selections and only packages listed in
there as
.BR ~/ ", " +b/ ", " +c/ " or " / "."
Each list file consists of lines with a package name
followed by whitespaced followed by an action.
Each list may only contain a single line for a given package name.
The action to be taken is the action specified by the first file
mentioning that package.
If no list file mentions a package, the fallback action is used instead.
This format is inspired by dpkg \-\-get\-selections before multiarch
and the names of the actions likely only make sense if you imagine the
file to be the output of this command of an existing system.
For each package available in the distribution to be updated from/pulled from
this action is determined and affects the current decision what to do
to the target distribution.
(Only after all update/pull rules for a given target distribution have been
processed something is actually done).
The possible action keywords are:
.B install
or that are already there and are listed with
mark the available package to be added to the target distribution unless
the same version or a higher version is already marked as to be added/kept.
(Note that without a prior delete rule (\fB\-\fP) or \fBsupersede\fP action,
this will will never downgrade a package as the already existing version
is marked to be kept).
.B upgradeonly
will be installed. Things listed as
.B deinstall
.B purge
will be ignored.
Packages having
like \fBinstall\fP but will not add new packages to a distribution.
.B supersede
will not be installed but instead cause the removal of packages with strictly
smaller version (i.e. if a package would be replaced by this package if this
.BR install ,
it will be removed instead and no new package being installed).
Things listed with
unless the current package version is higher than the available package version,
mark the package to be deleted in the target distribution.
(Useful to remove packages in add-on distributions once they reached the base distribution).
.BR deinstall " or " purge
ignore the newly available package.
.B warning
are also ignored,
but a warning message is printed to stderr.
A package being
print a warning message to stderr if a new package/newer version is available.
Otherwise ignore the new package (like with \fBdeinstall\fP or \fBpurge\fP).
.B hold
will not be upgraded but also not downgraded or removed by previous
delete rules.
To abort the whole upgrade/pull if a package is available, use
.B error\fR.
Instead of a keyword you can also use "\fB= \fP\fIversion\fP" which
is treated like \fBinstall\fP if the version matches and like no
entry if it does not match.
the new package is ignored, but every previous decision to
downgrade or delete the package in the target distribution is reset.
.B error
abort the whole upgrade/pull if a new package/newer version is available
.B "= \fIversion\fP"
If the candidate package has the given version, behave like \fBinstall\fP.
Otherwise continue as if this list file did not mention this package
(i.e. look in the remaining list files or use the fallback action).
Only one such entry per package is currently supported and the version
is currently compared as string.
If there is both \fBFilterList\fP and \fBFilterSrcList\fP then
the first is used for \fB.deb\fP and \fB.udeb\fP and the second for
\fB.dsc\fP packages.
If there is only \fBFilterList\fP that is applied to everything.
If there is only \fBFilterSrcList\fP that is applied to everything, too,
but the source package name (and source version) is used to do the lookup.
.B OmitExtraSourceOnly
This field controls whether source packages with Extra-Source-Only
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