Commit 2b4d0a79 authored by Bernhard Link's avatar Bernhard Link

document setdistributions command

parent ecd9b9bb
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ bool_t interrupted(void) {return FALSE;}
static void about(bool_t help) {
"modifychanges: Modify a Debian style .changes file\n"
"Syntax: modifychanges <changesfile> <commands>\n"
"Syntax: modifychanges [--create] <changesfile> <commands>\n"
"Possible commands include:\n"
" verify\n"
" updatechecksums [<files to update>]\n"
......@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@ static void about(bool_t help) {
" adddsc <.dsc filenames>\n"
" addrawfile <filenames>\n"
" add <filenames processed by filename suffix>\n"
" setdistribution <distributions to list>\n"
//" create <.dsc and .deb files to include>\n"
if( help )
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