Properly document where the numbers come from

parent a811f886
......@@ -8,8 +8,11 @@
<!entity oldreleasename "squeeze">
<!entity testingreleasename "jessie">
<!-- all rounded to less, because the text uses "more than foo of bar" -->
<!-- this is based on the info from d-i as well as the Packages files -->
<!-- Developer information can be extracted from DPL elections as well as from Debian's LDAP -->
<!entity developers "990"> <!-- UPDATED May 2013, based on DPL elections and in ldap:// data -->
<!-- Package information can be based on information published in the Release Notes as well as information
from the Packages file. You can use the '' script in the FAQ directory to extract it
(make sure the release name is updated there.) -->
<!entity all-pkgs "37400"> <!-- UPDATED for Wheezy -->
<!entity main-pkgs "28200"> <!-- TODO - REVIEW for Wheezy -->
<!entity contrib-nonfree-pkgs "187"> <!-- TODO - REVIEW for Wheezy -->
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