Commit a6b18733 authored by Joost van Baal's avatar Joost van Baal

Add info to "How does a Debian system boot?" about service(8); the sysadmins' interface for

dealing with start/stop scripts is not changed when switching from sysv init to systemd.
parent 10b194ce
......@@ -113,9 +113,23 @@ asking for a user password or trying to clear the screen.</p>
<p>You can check the status of any service by the command
<example>service <var>package</var> status</example>
. To start or stop a service, run
<example>service <var>package</var> start</example>
<example>service <var>package</var> stop</example>
. The <tt>service</tt> command works with any init system supported on a
Debian system, not just with systemd. If you however prefer to use the same
command on any systemd-supported Linux system, for checking the status run
<example>systemctl status <var>package</var>.service</example>
to get the same information.</p>
<p>For more information on systemd for Debian, see <url
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