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New upstream version 12.2.8+dfsg1

Closes: #852999
Closes: #864535
Closes: #893149
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# Over-ride submodule URLs to use Local mirror
# Only used by autobuild-ceph.
ceph-object-corpus git://
src/civetweb git://
src/mongoose git://
src/leveldb git://
src/erasure-code/jerasure/jerasure git://
src/erasure-code/jerasure/gf-complete git://
src/rocksdb git://
ceph-erasure-code-corpus git://
# FIXME: Should be changed to src/googletest
# src/gmock git://
[submodule "ceph-object-corpus"]
path = ceph-object-corpus
url =
[submodule "src/civetweb"]
path = src/civetweb
url =
[submodule "src/erasure-code/jerasure/jerasure"]
path = src/erasure-code/jerasure/jerasure
url =
branch = v2-ceph
[submodule "src/erasure-code/jerasure/gf-complete"]
path = src/erasure-code/jerasure/gf-complete
url =
branch = v3-ceph
[submodule "src/rocksdb"]
path = src/rocksdb
url =
ignore = dirty
[submodule "ceph-erasure-code-corpus"]
path = ceph-erasure-code-corpus
url =
[submodule "src/googletest"]
path = src/googletest
url =
branch = ceph-release-1.7.x
[submodule "src/spdk"]
path = src/spdk
url =
[submodule "src/xxHash"]
path = src/xxHash
url =
[submodule "src/isa-l"]
path = src/isa-l
url =
[submodule "src/lua"]
path = src/lua
url =
branch = lua-5.3-ceph
ignore = dirty
[submodule "src/dpdk"]
path = src/dpdk
url =
[submodule "src/zstd"]
path = src/zstd
url =
[submodule "src/crypto/isa-l/isa-l_crypto"]
path = src/crypto/isa-l/isa-l_crypto
url =
[submodule "src/blkin"]
path = src/blkin
url =
[submodule "src/rapidjson"]
path = src/rapidjson
url =
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# More information at
# See .mailmap for name and mail normalization.
# See .organizationmap for organization affiliation
# In .mailmap, an individual may be represented by multiple mails which may reflect
# an organization affiliation change that needs to be preserved to find out which
# organization sponsored which commit.
# The .peoplemap file aggregates these mails to show a single line for each person
# The names that need to be added to .peoplemap can be displayed with:
# git log --pretty='%aN <%aE>' $range | git -c mailmap.file=.peoplemap check-mailmap --stdin | sort | uniq | sed -e 's/\(.*\) \(<.*\)/\2 \1/' | uniq --skip-field=1 --all-repeated | sed -e 's/\(.*>\) \(.*\)/\2 \1/'
Abhishek Lekshmanan <> Abhishek Lekshmanan <>
Alexandre Marangone <> Alexandre Marangone <>
Alfredo Deza <> Alfredo Deza <>
Dan Mick <> Dan Mick <>
David Zafman <> David Zafman <>
Greg Farnum <> Greg Farnum <>
Gregory Meno <> <>
Ilya Dryomov <> Ilya Dryomov <>
Jenkins <> Jenkins <>
João Eduardo Luís <> João Eduardo Luís <>
João Eduardo Luís <> João Eduardo Luís <>
John Spray <> John Spray <>
John Wilkins <> John Wilkins <>
Josh Durgin <> Josh Durgin <>
Ken Dreyer <> Ken Dreyer <>
Loic Dachary <> Loic Dachary <>
Loic Dachary <> Loic Dachary <>
Mark Nelson <> Mark Nelson <>
Mark Nelson <> Mark Nelson <>
Neil Levine <> Neil Levine <>
Noah Watkins <> Noah Watkins <>
Patrick McGarry <> Patrick McGarry <>
Piotr Dałek <> Piotr Dałek <> Piotr Dałek <>
Ross Turk <> Ross Turk <>
Sage Weil <> Sage Weil <>
Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui <> Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui <>
Samuel Just <> Samuel Just <>
Sandon Van Ness <> Sandon Van Ness <>
Tamil Muthamizhan <> Tamil Muthamizhan <>
Tyler Brekke <> Tyler Brekke <>
Warren Usui <> Warren Usui <>
Yan, Zheng <> Yan, Zheng <>
Yehuda Sadeh <> Yehuda Sadeh <>
Yuri Weinstein <> Yuri Weinstein <>
Zhi Zhang <> Zhi (David) Zhang <>
Patrick Donnelly <> Patrick Donnelly <>
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For the general process of submitting patches to ceph, read the below
`Submitting Patches`_
For documentation patches the following guide will help you get started
`Documenting Ceph`_
Performance enhancements must come with test data and detailed
Code cleanup is appreciated along with a patch that fixes a bug or
implements a feature. Except on rare occasions, code cleanup that only
involve coding style or whitespace modifications are discouraged,
primarily because they cause problems when rebasing and backporting.
.. _Submitting Patches: SubmittingPatches.rst
.. _Documenting Ceph: doc/start/documenting-ceph.rst
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ License: LGPL2.1 (see COPYING-LGPL2.1)
Files: doc/*
Copyright: (c) 2010-2012 New Dream Network and contributors
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)
License: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 (CC-BY-SA-3.0)
Files: bin/
License: GPL3
......@@ -30,10 +30,6 @@ Files: src/common/bloom_filter.hpp
Copyright: Copyright (C) 2000 Arash Partow <>
License: Boost Software License, Version 1.0
Files: m4/acx_pthread.m4
Copyright: Steven G. Johnson <>
License: GPLWithACException
Files: src/common/crc32c_intel*:
Copyright 2012-2013 Intel Corporation All Rights Reserved.
......@@ -149,8 +145,3 @@ Files: src/include/timegm.h
Copyright (C) Copyright Howard Hinnant
Copyright (C) Copyright 2010-2011 Vicente J. Botet Escriba
License: Boost Software License, Version 1.0
Files: src/msg/async/, src/msg/simple/ (sigpipe suppression)
Copyright (C) 2010 Tomash Brechko. All rights reserved.
License: GPL3
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Ceph Coding style
Coding style is most important for new code and (to a lesser extent)
revised code. It is not worth the churn to simply reformat old code.
C code
For C code, we conform by the Linux kernel coding standards:
C++ code
For C++ code, things are a bit more complex. As a baseline, we use Google's
coding guide:
As an addendum to the above, we add the following guidelines, organized
by section.
* Naming > Type Names:
Google uses CamelCaps for all type names. We use two naming schemes:
- for naked structs (simple data containers), lower case with _d
suffix ('d' for data). Not _t, because that means typdef.
struct my_type_d {
int a, b;
my_type_d() : a(0), b(0) {}
- for full-blown classes, CamelCaps, private: section, accessors,
probably not copyable, etc.
* Naming > Variable Names:
Google uses _ suffix for class members. That's ugly. We'll use
a m_ prefix, like so:
class Foo {
int get_foo() const { return m_foo; }
void set_foo(int foo) { m_foo = foo; }
int m_foo;
* Naming > Constant Names:
Google uses kSomeThing for constants. We prefer SOME_THING.
* Naming > Function Names:
Google uses CamelCaps. We use_function_names_with_underscores().
Accessors are the same, {get,set}_field().
* Naming > Enumerator Names:
Name them like constants, as above (SOME_THING).
* Comments > File Comments:
Don't sweat it, unless the license varies from that of the project
(LGPL2) or the code origin isn't reflected by the git history.
* Formatting > Tabs:
Indent width is two spaces. When runs of 8 spaces can be compressed
to a single tab character, do so. The standard Emacs/Vim settings
header is:
// -*- mode:C++; tab-width:8; c-basic-offset:2; indent-tabs-mode:t -*-
// vim: ts=8 sw=2 smarttab
* Formatting > Conditionals:
- No spaces inside conditionals please, e.g.
if (foo) { // okay
if ( foo ) { // no
- Always use newline following if:
if (foo)
bar; // okay, but discouraged...
if (foo) {
bar; // this is better!
if (foo) bar; // no, usually harder to parse visually
The following guidelines have not been followed in the legacy code,