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# FAQ for package maintainers
## Why should I use autopkgtest when my build runs the test suite?
autopkgtest is intended to test packages in their *installed* state, and that
is not the same as testing the code that is in the source tree. During the build,
the tests run against the code in the source tree. Depending on the package,
that could be enough, but *also* running those same tests against the installed
package can catch a host of problems that can't be caught when running against
the source tree, e.g.:
* ABI breakages and other types of problems that are "magically" fixed with a
* Missing dependencies (as opposed to build dependencies)
* Some files that are essential for the software to function correctly were not
included in the binary package.
Another practical reason to have autopkgtest tests in your package is that
debci runs autopkgtest more frequently than packages are built. For example,
when any of your dependencies is updated, your package is tested again against
that new version.
Now, besides running tests that normally run during the package build under
autopkgtest as well, it is also a good idea to add tests that are specific to
the package as installed and are more "black box", i.e. tests that don't assume
or have access to implementation details of the package (those are usually
called integration tests). For example:
* if a package provides a service, add tests that exercises that service as a
client, and check the expected results of that interaction.
* if a package provides a program, add tests that check that the invocations of
that program with different parameters and inputs produce the corresponding
expected results.
This type of test can also, and most often that not should, be contributed
## If autopkgtest can rebuild the package, why won't debci do that?
The primary reason is because we want to test the packages that are actually in
the archive, because that is what our users get from us.
Weaker, but practical reasons, are:
* Rebuilding every package would add significant load to the system.
* The buildd network already builds packages and we don't want to duplicate
that function.
## How can I reproduce the test run locally?
**NOTE:** if you intend to run tests frequently, you should consider installing
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