Commit c848aa44 authored by Antonio Terceiro's avatar Antonio Terceiro


parent 3ced5f9a
debci (2.0) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Paul Gevers ]
* docs/ add lxc 3 syntax and consistent sudo usage
[ Antonio Terceiro ]
* debci-data: import and export package data
* debci-shell: require debci/job from the start
* add missing dependency on rsync
* backends/qemu: use autopkgtest-build-qemu to build images
* backends/lxc: detect bridge interface on lxc 3
* docs/ improve setup instructions
* docs/ drop mention to vagrant setup
* links: require link target to exist during build
* debian/rules: remove unused, override_dh_clean
* debian/control: deduplicate Build-Depends and Depends
* debci localtest: skip --shell-fail it not on a tty
* docs/ be explicit about installing build dependencies
* Make mirror setting consistent across system (Closes: #923436)
* Add -m/--mirror parameter to most scripts
-- Antonio Terceiro <> Fri, 01 Mar 2019 20:57:12 -0300
debci (1.15.1) unstable; urgency=medium
* debci setup-chdist: fix debootstrap usage
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