Commit 383cf7ff authored by Kan-Ru Chen's avatar Kan-Ru Chen

The mudraw command is merged to mutool

parent 41b763d1
......@@ -43,5 +43,5 @@ Description: commmand line tools for the MuPDF viewer
It also reads XPS, OpenXPS and ePub documents.
This package contains command line tools using the MuPDF library:
- mutool - tool for clean, extract, inspect PDF documents.
- mudraw - render PDF/XPS/CBZ documents.
- mutool - tool for clean, extract, inspect PDF documents and
render PDF/XPS/CBZ documents.
mupdf (1.9a+ds1-1) unstable; urgency=medium
The old mudraw binary is now a subcommand of the mutool binary. Use
`mutool draw` to invoke the tool.
-- Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) <> Wed, 06 Jul 2016 23:44:20 +0800
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