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    - djm@cvs.openbsd.org 2010/01/26 01:28:35 · e1537f95
    Damien Miller authored
         [channels.c channels.h clientloop.c clientloop.h mux.c nchan.c ssh.c]
         rewrite ssh(1) multiplexing code to a more sensible protocol.
         The new multiplexing code uses channels for the listener and
         accepted control sockets to make the mux master non-blocking, so
         no stalls when processing messages from a slave.
         avoid use of fatal() in mux master protocol parsing so an errant slave
         process cannot take down a running master.
         implement requesting of port-forwards over multiplexed sessions. Any
         port forwards requested by the slave are added to those the master has
         add support for stdio forwarding ("ssh -W host:port ...") in mux slaves.
         document master/slave mux protocol so that other tools can use it to
         control a running ssh(1). Note: there are no guarantees that this
         protocol won't be incompatibly changed (though it is versioned).
         feedback Salvador Fandino, dtucker@
         channel changes ok markus@
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