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    upstream: AIX reports the CODESET as "ISO8859-1" in the POSIX locale. · b8ae02a2
    schwarze@openbsd.org authored
    Treating that as a safe encoding is OK because even when other systems return
    that string for real ISO8859-1, it is still safe in the sense that it is
    ASCII-compatible and stateless.
    Issue reported by Val dot Baranov at duke dot edu.  Additional
    information provided by Michael dot Felt at felt dot demon dot nl.
    Tested by Michael Felt on AIX 6.1 and by Val Baranov on AIX 7.1.
    Tweak and OK djm@.
    OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 36f1210e0b229817d10eb490d6038f507b8256a7