Commit 98517b1b authored by Colin Watson's avatar Colin Watson

Adjust various OpenBSD-specific references in manual pages

No single bug reference for this patch, but history includes: (login.conf(5)) (/etc/rc) (ssl(8)) (ssl(8))

Forwarded: not-needed
Last-Update: 2013-09-14

Patch-Name: openbsd-docs.patch
parent 6d50dc6d
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
.Nd Diffie-Hellman moduli
.Pa /etc/moduli
.Pa /etc/ssh/moduli
file contains prime numbers and generators for use by
.Xr sshd 8
in the Diffie-Hellman Group Exchange key exchange method.
......@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ first estimates the size of the modulus required to produce enough
Diffie-Hellman output to sufficiently key the selected symmetric cipher.
.Xr sshd 8
then randomly selects a modulus from
.Fa /etc/moduli
.Fa /etc/ssh/moduli
that best meets the size requirement.
.Xr ssh-keygen 1 ,
......@@ -171,9 +171,7 @@ key in
.Pa ~/.ssh/id_dsa
.Pa ~/.ssh/id_rsa .
Additionally, the system administrator may use this to generate host keys,
as seen in
.Pa /etc/rc .
Additionally, the system administrator may use this to generate host keys.
Normally this program generates the key and asks for a file in which
to store the private key.
......@@ -219,9 +217,7 @@ The options are as follows:
For each of the key types (rsa1, rsa, dsa and ecdsa) for which host keys
do not exist, generate the host keys with the default key file path,
an empty passphrase, default bits for the key type, and default comment.
This is used by
.Pa /etc/rc
to generate new host keys.
This is used by system administration scripts to generate new host keys.
.It Fl a Ar trials
Specifies the number of primality tests to perform when screening DH-GEX
candidates using the
......@@ -605,7 +601,7 @@ option.
Valid generator values are 2, 3, and 5.
Screened DH groups may be installed in
.Pa /etc/moduli .
.Pa /etc/ssh/moduli .
It is important that this file contains moduli of a range of bit lengths and
that both ends of a connection share common moduli.
......@@ -800,7 +796,7 @@ on all machines
where the user wishes to log in using public key authentication.
There is no need to keep the contents of this file secret.
.It Pa /etc/moduli
.It Pa /etc/ssh/moduli
Contains Diffie-Hellman groups used for DH-GEX.
The file format is described in
.Xr moduli 5 .
......@@ -756,6 +756,10 @@ Protocol 1 is restricted to using only RSA keys,
but protocol 2 may use any.
The HISTORY section of
.Xr ssl 8
(on non-OpenBSD systems, see
contains a brief discussion of the DSA and RSA algorithms.
The file
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ over an insecure network.
listens for connections from clients.
It is normally started at boot from
.Pa /etc/rc .
.Pa /etc/init.d/ssh .
It forks a new
daemon for each incoming connection.
The forked daemons handle
......@@ -859,7 +859,7 @@ This file is for host-based authentication (see
.Xr ssh 1 ) .
It should only be writable by root.
.It Pa /etc/moduli
.It Pa /etc/ssh/moduli
Contains Diffie-Hellman groups used for the "Diffie-Hellman Group Exchange".
The file format is described in
.Xr moduli 5 .
......@@ -957,7 +957,6 @@ The content of this file is not sensitive; it can be world-readable.
.Xr ssh-vulnkey 1 ,
.Xr chroot 2 ,
.Xr hosts_access 5 ,
.Xr login.conf 5 ,
.Xr moduli 5 ,
.Xr sshd_config 5 ,
.Xr inetd 8 ,
......@@ -283,8 +283,7 @@ This option is only available for protocol version 2.
By default, no banner is displayed.
.It Cm ChallengeResponseAuthentication
Specifies whether challenge-response authentication is allowed (e.g. via
PAM or though authentication styles supported in
.Xr login.conf 5 )
The default is
.Dq yes .
.It Cm ChrootDirectory
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