Commit a2e10485 authored by Darren Tucker's avatar Darren Tucker

- 2010/01/09 00:57:10

     tweak language
parent db7bf825
......@@ -10,6 +10,9 @@
[sftp-server.c sftp-server.8]
add a 'read-only' mode to sftp-server(8) that disables open in write mode
and all other fs-modifying protocol methods. bz#430 ok dtucker@
- 2010/01/09 00:57:10
tweak language
- (dtucker) OpenBSD CVS Sync
......@@ -6,8 +6,8 @@ filexfer protocol described in:
Features from newer versions of the draft are not supported, unless
explicitly implemented as extensions described below.
Newer versions of the draft will not be supported, though some features
are individually implemented as extensions described below.
The protocol used by OpenSSH's ssh-agent is described in the file
......@@ -251,4 +251,4 @@ The values of the f_flag bitmask are as follows:
Both the "" and "" extensions are
advertised in the SSH_FXP_VERSION hello with version "2".
$OpenBSD: PROTOCOL,v 1.13 2009/12/20 23:20:40 djm Exp $
$OpenBSD: PROTOCOL,v 1.14 2010/01/09 00:57:10 djm Exp $
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