Commit 5b97d9a4 authored by Vadim Platonov's avatar Vadim Platonov

fix(jar): Add directory entries to the jar file

According to the [jar file specification](

> For resource files with non-empty directory prefixes, mappings are also
> recorded at the directory level.  Only for classes with null package
> name, and resource files which reside in the root directory, will the
> mapping be recorded at the individual file level.

If needed, directory entries may be excluded using `:jar-exclusions`
regex like `#"^.*/$"`.
parent 470f4c6e
......@@ -47,12 +47,11 @@
(zipmap (map str (keys attrs)) (vals attrs))))
(defn- skip-file?
"Skips the file if it doesn't exists or is a directory. If the file is not the
"Skips the file if it doesn't exist. If the file is not the
root-file (specified by :path), will also skip it if it is a dotfile, emacs
backup file or matches an exclusion pattern."
[file relative-path root-file patterns]
(or (not (.exists file))
(.isDirectory file)
(not= file root-file)
......@@ -62,11 +61,15 @@
(defmulti ^:private copy-to-jar (fn [project jar-os acc spec] (:type spec)))
(defn- trim-leading [s to-trim]
(let [size (.length to-trim)]
(if (.startsWith s to-trim)
(.substring s size)
(defn- relativize [path root-path]
(if (.startsWith path root-path)
(.substring path (.length root-path))
(defn- full-path [file path]
(if (.isDirectory file)
(str path "/")
(defn- dir-string
"Returns the file's directory as a string, or the string representation of the
......@@ -76,21 +79,34 @@
(str (.getParent file) "/")
(str file "/")))
(defn- put-jar-entry [jar file path]
(.putNextEntry jar (doto (JarEntry. path)
(.setTime (.lastModified file)))))
(defn- path-goes-into-jar?
"Checks if the path has already been added to the jar and prints warning
if it has. Otherwise checks if path isn't excluded."
[relative-path file seen-paths root-file exclusion-patterns]
; Path may be blank if it's the root path
(if (or (string/blank? relative-path) (seen-paths relative-path))
(when-not (.isDirectory file)
(main/info "Warning: skipped duplicate file:" relative-path)
(not (skip-file? file relative-path root-file exclusion-patterns))))
(defmethod copy-to-jar :path [project jar-os acc spec]
(let [root-file (io/file (:path spec))
root-dir-path (unix-path (dir-string root-file))
paths (for [child (file-seq root-file)
:let [path (trim-leading (unix-path (str child))
(when-not (skip-file? child path root-file
(:jar-exclusions project))
(if (acc path)
(main/info "Warning: skipped duplicate file:" path)
(.putNextEntry jar-os (doto (JarEntry. path)
(.setTime (.lastModified child))))
(io/copy child jar-os)
:let [path (relativize
(full-path child (unix-path (str child)))
:when (path-goes-into-jar?
path child acc root-file (:jar-exclusions project))]
(do (put-jar-entry jar-os child path)
(when (not (.isDirectory child))
(io/copy child jar-os))
(into acc paths)))
(defmethod copy-to-jar :paths [project jar-os acc spec]
......@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@
project (merge @project/default-profiles (:profiles project)))))))
(def with-resources-project (read-test-project "with-resources"))
(def sample-project (read-test-project "sample"))
(def sample-failing-project (read-test-project "sample_failing"))
......@@ -77,3 +79,10 @@ because if not absolute then .getAbsolutePath will resolve them relative to curr
(throw (new RuntimeException (str "bad usage, passed: `" in-str-or-file "`")))
(.getAbsolutePath (io/as-file in-str-or-file))))
(defn entries [zipfile]
(enumeration-seq (.entries zipfile)))
(defn walkzip [fileName f]
(with-open [z ( fileName)]
(reduce #(conj %1 (f %2)) [] (entries z))))
......@@ -6,7 +6,8 @@
[leiningen.core.eval :only [platform-nullsink]]
[leiningen.test.helper :only [tricky-name-project sample-failing-project
sample-no-aot-project sample-project
with-resources-project walkzip]])
(:import (java.util.jar JarFile)))
(def long-line
......@@ -32,6 +33,13 @@
(binding [*err* ( (platform-nullsink))]
(is (thrown? Exception (jar sample-failing-project)))))
(deftest test-directory-entries-added-to-jar
(let [jar (first (vals (jar with-resources-project)))
entry-names (set (walkzip jar #(.getName %)))]
(is (entry-names "nested/dir/"))
(is (not (some #(.startsWith % "/") entry-names))))))
(deftest test-no-aot-jar-succeeds
(is (jar sample-no-aot-project))))
;; This project is used for leiningen's test suite, so don't change
;; any of these values without updating the relevant tests. If you
;; just want a basic project to work from, generate a new one with
;; "lein new".
(defproject project-with-resources "0.5.0-SNAPSHOT"
:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.3.0"]
[janino "2.5.15"]]
:resource-paths ["resources"])
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