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cloud-init will keep a 'status' file up to date for other applications
wishing to use it to determine cloud-init status.
It will manage 2 files:
The files will be written to /var/lib/cloud/data/ .
A symlink will be created in /run/cloud-init. The link from /run is to ensure
that if the file exists, it is not stale for this boot.
status.json's format is:
'v1': {
'init': {
errors: [] # list of strings for each error that occurred
start: integer # time.time() that this stage started or None
end: integer # time.time() that this stage finished or None
'init-local': {
'errors': [], 'start': <int>, 'end' <int> # (same as 'init' above)
'modules-config': {
'errors': [], 'start': <int>, 'end' <int> # (same as 'init' above)
'modules-final': {
'errors': [], 'start': <int>, 'end' <int> # (same as 'init' above)
'datasource': string describing datasource found or None
'stage': string representing stage that is currently running
('init', 'init-local', 'modules-final', 'modules-config', None)
if None, then no stage is running. Reader must read the start/end
of each of the above stages to determine the state.
finished.json's format is:
'datasource': string describing the datasource found
'errors': [] # list of errors reported
Thus, to determine if cloud-init is finished:
fin = "/run/cloud-init/finished.json"
if os.path.exists(fin):
ret = json.load(open(fin, "r"))
if len(ret):
print "Finished with errors:" + "\n".join(ret['errors'])
print "Finished no errors"
print "Not Finished"
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