Commit 5cfe3d6f authored by Scott Moser's avatar Scott Moser

SmartOS, CloudSigma: fix error when dmi data is not availble

In Cloudsigma, the datasource would warn if no product id was availble.
SmartOS would log exception.  This fixes both of those, changing
the warning to a debug message.

LP: #1569469
parent cc549350
......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ class DataSourceCloudSigma(sources.DataSource):
LOG.debug("determining hypervisor product name via dmi data")
sys_product_name = util.read_dmi_data("system-product-name")
if not sys_product_name:
LOG.warn("failed to get hypervisor product name via dmi data")
LOG.debug("system-product-name not available in dmi data")
return False
LOG.debug("detected hypervisor as %s", sys_product_name)
......@@ -242,7 +242,7 @@ class DataSourceSmartOS(sources.DataSource):
# SDC KVM instances will provide dmi data, LX-brand does not
if self.smartos_type == 'kvm':
dmi_info = dmi_data()
if dmi_info is False:
if dmi_info is None:
LOG.debug("No dmidata utility found")
return False
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