Commit 7fb6f781 authored by Scott Moser's avatar Scott Moser

release 0.7.9

Bump the version in cloudinit/ to be 0.7.9.
parent 125a53b5
- doc: adjust headers in tests documentation for consistency.
- pep8: fix issue found in zesty build with pycodestyle.
- integration test: initial commit of integration test framework
[Wesley Wiedenmeier]
- LICENSE: Allow dual licensing GPL-3 or Apache 2.0 [Jon Grimm]
- Fix config order of precedence, putting kernel command line over system.
[Wesley Wiedenmeier] (LP: #1582323)
- pep8: whitespace fix
- Update the list of valid ssh keys. [Michael Felt]
- network: add ENI unit test for statically rendered routes.
- set_hostname: avoid erroneously appending domain to fqdn
[Lars Kellogg-Stedman] (LP: #1647910)
- doc: change 'nobootwait' to 'nofail' in docs [Anhad Jai Singh]
- Replace an expired link in code comment.
- user-groups: fix bug when groups was provided as string and had spaces
(LP: #1354694)
- mounts: use mount -a again to accomplish mounts (LP: #1647708)
- CloudSigma: Fix bug where datasource was not loaded in local search.
(LP: #1648380)
- when adding a user, strip whitespace from group list [Lars Kellogg-Stedman]
(LP: #1354694)
- fix decoding of utf-8 chars in yaml test
- Replace usage of sys_netdev_info with read_sys_net (LP: #1625766)
- fix problems found in python2.6 test.
- OpenStack: extend physical types to include hyperv, hw_veb, vhost_user.
(LP: #1642679)
- tests: fix assumptions that expected no eth0 in system. (LP: #1644043)
- net/cmdline: Consider ip= or ip6= on command line not only ip=
(LP: #1639930)
- Just use file logging by default (LP: #1643990)
- Improve formatting for ProcessExecutionError [Wesley Wiedenmeier]
- flake8: fix trailing white space
- Doc: various documentation fixes [Sean Bright]
- cloudinit/config/ Remove repos before adding
[Brent Baude]
- packages/redhat: fix rpm spec file.
- main: set TZ in environment if not already set. [Ryan Harper]
- Azure: No longer rely on walinux agent. (LP: #1538522)
- disk_setup: Use sectors as unit when formatting MBR disks with sfdisk.
[Daniel Watkins] (LP: #1460715)
- Add activate_datasource, for datasource specific code paths. (LP: #1611074)
- systemd: cloud-init-local use RequiresMountsFor=/var/lib/cloud
(LP: #1642062)
- systemd: cloud-init remove After=systemd-networkd-wait-online
- systemd: cloud-init-local change Before basic to sysinit
- pep8: fix style errors reported by pycodestyle 2.1.0
- systemd: drop both Wants and After
- systemd: networking service adjustments. (LP: #1636912)
- systemd: replace, with
(LP: #1629797)
- doc: Add documentation on stages of boot.
- doc: make the RST files consistently formated and other improvements.
- Ec2: fix syntax and tox in previous commit.
- Ec2: protect against non-dictionary in block-device-mapping.
- doc: fixed example to not overwrite /etc/hosts [Chris Glass]
- Doc: fix spelling / typos in ca_certs and scripts_vendor.
- pyflakes: fix issue with pyflakes 1.3 found in ubuntu zesty-proposed.
- net/cmdline: Further adjustments to ipv6 support [LaMont Jones]
(LP: #1621615)
- Add coverage dependency to bddeb to fix package build.
- doc: improve HACKING.rst file
- dmidecode: Allow dmidecode to be used on aarch64 [Robert Schweikert]
- AliYun: Add new datasource for Ali-Cloud ECS [kaihuan.pkh]
- Add coverage collection to tox unit tests. [Joshua Powers]
- cc_users_groups: fix remaing call to ds.normalize_user_groups [Ryan Harper]
- disk-config: udev settle after partitioning in gpt format. (LP: #1626243)
- unittests: do not read system /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d (LP: #1635350)
- Add documentation for logging features. [Wesley Wiedenmeier]
- Add support for snap create-user on Ubuntu Core images. [Ryan Harper]
- Fix sshd restarts for rhel distros. [Jim Gorz]
- OpenNebula: replace 'ip' parsing with usage.
- Fix python2.6 things found running in centos 6.
- Move user/group functions to new ug_util file
- DigitalOcean: enable usage of data source by default.
- update Gentoo initscripts to run in the correct order [Matthew Thode]
- MAAS: improve the main of datasource to look at kernel cmdline config.
- tests: silence the Cheetah UserWarning about NameMapper C version.
- systemd: Run cloud-init.service Before dbus.socket not
[Daniel Watkins] (LP: #1629797)
- systemd: run cloud-init.service Before dbus.service (LP: #1629797)
- unittests: fix use of mock 2.0 'assert_called' when running make check
[Ryan Harper]
- Improve module documentation and doc cleanup. [Wesley Wiedenmeier]
- lxd: Update network config for LXD 2.3 [Stéphane Graber]
- DigitalOcean: use meta-data for network configruation [Ben Howard]
- ntp: move to run after apt configuration (LP: #1628337)
- Decode unicode types in decode_binary [Robert Schweikert]
- systemd: Ensure that cloud-init-local happens before NetworkManager
- Allow ephemeral drive to be unpartitioned [Paul Meyer]
- subp: add 'update_env' argument
- net: support reading ipv6 dhcp config from initramfs [LaMont Jones]
(LP: #1621615, #1621507)
- Adjust mounts and disk configuration for systemd. (LP: #1611074)
- dmidecode: run dmidecode only on i?86 or x86_64 arch. [Robert Schweikert]
- systemd: put After (LP: #1623868)
- SmartOS: more improvements for network configuration
- add ntp config module [Ryan Harper]
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
# This file is part of cloud-init. See LICENSE file for license information.
__VERSION__ = "0.7.8"
__VERSION__ = "0.7.9"
def version_string():
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