Commit 814e0465 authored by Wesley Wiedenmeier's avatar Wesley Wiedenmeier

Added example cc_lxd config

parent ee40614b
# configure lxd
# default: none
# all options default to none if not specified
# lxd: config sections for lxd
# init: dict of options for lxd init, see 'man lxd'
# network_address: address for lxd to listen on
# network_port: port for lxd to listen on
# storage_backend: either 'zfs' or 'dir'
# storage_create_device: device based storage using specified device
# storage_create_loop: set up loop based storage with size in GB
# storage_pool: name of storage pool to use or create
# trust_password: password required to add new clients
network_port: 8443
storage_backend: zfs
storage_pool: datapool
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