Commit 988174dc authored by Scott Moser's avatar Scott Moser

cc_snappy: update doc string, change default to 'auto'

parent fd6b08c4
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ Example config:
system_snappy: auto
ssh_enabled: False
ssh_enabled: auto
packages: [etcd, pkg2.smoser]
......@@ -16,7 +16,12 @@ Example config:
packages_dir: '/writable/user-data/cloud-init/snaps'
- ssh_enabled:
This defaults to 'False'. Set to a non-false value to enable ssh service
This controls the system's ssh service. The default value is 'auto'.
True: enable ssh service
False: disable ssh service
auto: enable ssh service if either ssh keys have been provided
or user has requested password authentication (ssh_pwauth).
- snap installation and config
The above would install 'etcd', and then install 'pkg2.smoser' with a
'<config-file>' argument where 'config-file' has 'config-blob' inside it.
......@@ -275,19 +280,23 @@ def handle(name, cfg, cloud, log, args):
pkg_op['op'], pkg_op['name'], e)
# Default to disabling SSH
ssh_enabled = mycfg.get('ssh_enabled', False)
ssh_enabled = mycfg.get('ssh_enabled', "auto")
# If the user has not explicitly enabled or disabled SSH, then enable it
# when password SSH authentication is requested or there are SSH keys
if mycfg.get('ssh_enabled', None) is not False:
if ssh_enabled == "auto":
user_ssh_keys = cloud.get_public_ssh_keys() or None
password_auth_enabled = cfg.get('ssh_pwauth', False)
if user_ssh_keys:
LOG.debug("Enabling SSH, user SSH keys provided")
LOG.debug("Enabling SSH, ssh keys found in datasource")
ssh_enabled = True
elif cfg.get('ssh_authorized_keys'):
LOG.debug("Enabling SSH, ssh keys found in config")
elif password_auth_enabled:
LOG.debug("Enabling SSH, password authentication requested")
ssh_enabled = True
elif ssh_enabled not in (True, False):
LOG.warn("Unknown value '%s' in ssh_enabled", ssh_enabled)
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