Commit f1db8eaa authored by Ben Howard's avatar Ben Howard

With Ubuntu 15.10, "nobootwait" != "nofail". The "nobootwait" was an Ubuntu

specific option. This change was dropped in 15.10 (LP: #1514485).
parent 74fe2d2c
......@@ -263,7 +263,11 @@ def handle_swapcfg(swapcfg):
def handle(_name, cfg, cloud, log, _args):
# fs_spec, fs_file, fs_vfstype, fs_mntops, fs-freq, fs_passno
defvals = [None, None, "auto", "defaults,nobootwait", "0", "2"]
def_mnt_opts = "defaults,nobootwait"
if cloud.distro.uses_systemd():
def_mnt_opts = "defaults,nofail"
defvals = [None, None, "auto", def_mnt_opts, "0", "2"]
defvals = cfg.get("mount_default_fields", defvals)
# these are our default set of mounts
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