Commit f512c012 authored by Scott Moser's avatar Scott Moser

systemd/power_state: fix power_state when cloud-final exited failure

if a runcmd exited failure, then power_state would not work.
This was because systemd was killing off subprocesses, and cloud-init
implemented power off with a subprocess that waited for the parent
to exit.

LP: #1449318
parent 97fbe6e4
......@@ -69,6 +69,8 @@
as install from server or desktop ISO. (LP: #1177432)
- cc_mounts: use 'nofail' if system uses systemd. (LP: #1514485)
- Azure: get instance id from dmi instead of SharedConfig (LP: #1506187)
- systemd/power_state: fix power_state to work even if cloud-final
exited non-zero (LP: #1449318)
- open 0.7.6
- Enable vendordata on CloudSigma datasource (LP: #1303986)
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ Type=oneshot
ExecStart=/usr/bin/cloud-init modules --mode=final
# Output needs to appear in instance console output
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